Make Your Plans For 2018

This is how 2017 went down! 



Over 40 amazing Oregon craft beers were on tap.

You read that right. 40! From every corner of the state. If you love Oregon beer, and we know you do, chances are we poured your favorite. Plus multiple taps from presenting sponsor Public Coast Brewing, including the newly released, summertime crowd pleaser, the People’s Pale.

Atlas Cider
Agrarian Ales
Ancestry Brewing
Arch Rock
Astoria Brewing
Atlas Cider
Barley Brown's
Base Camp
Bent Shovel
Bill's Brewhouse
Block 15
Breakside Brewing
Buoy Beer Company
Fat Heads Brewing
Flat Tail
Fort George
Golden Valley Brewing
GoodLife Brewing

Great Notion
Heater Allen Brewing
Hi Wheel
North Jetty
Oregon City Brewing
Pelican Brewing
Pono Brewing
Public Coast Brewing
Rogue Brewing
Seaside Brewing
Stickmen Brewing
Sunriver Brewing
Teubor Brewing
Vanguard Brewing
Volcano Vinyards
Wolf Tree Brewing


Mobile smokehouse!

Chef Josh Archibald from the Cannon Beach’s Wayfarer Restaurant had the smoker going providing belly-quenching magic.  He dished up tasty sides to go with the grilled goods, plus the Ruby Jewel Ice Cream cart was on site for those who love ice cream with their beer.  Which is everyone...when you’re at the beach. 




Nate Botsford

Portland singer Nate Botsford played his indie tunes throughout the day, offering up the right breezy mix of soul from the heart.